A SheaXero Home is intended to be able to produce, on average, as much electricity as it consumes on an annual basis. Non-consumption based fees and surcharges may remain. Estimate based on base home without structural options with average use by household of 2 with published data from manufacturers, suppliers and others and calculated using software approved by the U.S. Department of Energy using base home square footage. Energy usage not guaranteed and energy production and consumption may vary based on home, structural option selections, home orientation, climate and usage of electric appliances. Electricity production via photovoltaic (PV) panels. PV system subject to 20-year lease with Solar City. Seller may provide lease payments as an inducement to Buyer. Features and specs vary by location, subject to change, not available on all homes and must be on the contract. A SheaSolar™ home includes a solar system which varies by kW size depending on plan. See Seller for details.

Availability of SheaXero and SheaSolar as a standard or as an optional feature varies by Trilogy community and in some cases is not available as an option. Please contact a Community Representative for details at the community you are interested in.

SheaXero – The Home that Powers ItselfTM


    You could save up to $3,000 annually by living in a SheaXero home, depending on your electricity usage and utility rates. While you’ll still be responsible for connection charges or other miscellaneous fees from your utility company, you’ll enjoy the savings you get when your SolarCity system generates electricity that can dramatically offset your electric usage. So, what will you do with your new savings? We're sure you'll find plenty of ways to spend up to an extra $3,000 a year, but here are some suggestions just to get you excited about the possibilities:

    • Caribbean Cruise - every winter
    • Fly the kids out - for spring and summer vacation
    • Greens fees - for more than 50 rounds of golf
    • New HDTV - for the living room and the bedroom
    • Tickets to the game - in the box seats instead of the bleachers
    • Ski trip - for a week instead of a weekend
    • Patio Furniture - pick the good stuff
    • Monthly Facials - at one of our spas
    • Painting lessons - until you're a master
    • Outdoor Barbeque - with all the trimmings

    Over 2,000 SheaXero homes have been sold so far to people who want to save money while they help improve the environment. We’ve only just begun, but the environmental impact made by the first 2,000 SheaXero homes over the next 20 years equals planting more than 14 million trees and taking more than 30,000 cars off the road.

The big news with SheaXero is the dramatic reduction in your electricity usage. But there’s so much more that makes SheaXero a performer on a variety of fronts. Discover the five areas where.


    Solar Power System

    Generates clean, renewable energy that saves money and dramatically offsets your home's consumption based on average electricity usage.

    Dual-Pane, Low-E Vinyl Windows

    Lets in visible light while minimizing heat transmission.


    Through ingenuity, innovation and next generation features, GE Appliances are solving real-life needs while upgrading the look and feel of living spaces. With a forward-thinking tradition that spans over 100 years, today’s GE appliances sync perfectly with the modern lifestyle.

    Trane® Energy-Efficient HVAC System

    If it can't make it through Trane®'s torturous testing program, you'll never see it in your home.

    Blown-in Wall Insulation

    Fills every gap with a floor-to-ceiling thermal blanket made from recycled cellulose.

    Insulated and Sealed Ducts & Draft Reductive Construction

    Sealed ducts reduce air loss from your HVAC system making it more energy efficient, and tight construction means less leakage and higher energy efficiency.

    Insulated Garage Doors

    Offering the highest level of insulation and the least effort to maintain, our garage doors are a superior value.

    Digital Programmable Thermostat

    Automatically adjusts your home's temperature for more efficient operation.

    CFL Bulbs

    Compact fluorescent light bulbs are used in place of less efficient incandescent bulbs.

    Occupancy Sensor Switches

    Automatically turns on lights with motion so you waste less electricity.

    Dimmer Switches

    Controls lighting intensity.


    Water-Conserving Appliances and Fixtures

    Your home is equipped to help you to save our natural resources, and your money, every day.

    Certified Wood from Sustainable Forests

    We use certified wood from sustainable forests for framing and cabinetry whenever possible.

    Lumber Conservation

    We use Optimal Value Engineering to conserve the use of lumber by including only essential, structural elements.

    Construction Material Recycling Program

    Our team and TradePartner®s are committed to recycling on the job — from wood and drywall to cardboard boxes and cartons.

    Electric-Vehicle Charging Outlet

    Our garages are equipped with a 20-amp outlet on its own circuit for electric cars and golf carts.


    Open Floor Plans

    Our homes are designed for entertaining by connecting living and relaxing spaces to dining and kitchen areas.

    Five Sided Architecture™

    We design and place every home so that each one presents a unique look within the neighborhood. The result is a community that feels and looks truly distinctive from every angle.

    Easy-Access Air Filters

    Located in readily accessible, easy to reach locations low on the wall instead of high over head.

    Ergonomic Countertops

    With your health and comfort in mind, our vanity countertops are built higher than standard homes.

    Convenient Bathroom Layout

    Our bathrooms position the tub and shower faucet controls within easy reach and away from the wall for easy access.


    J.D. Power Customer Service Champion Builder

    Shea Homes is the only homebuilder in the country ever included in JD Power's top 5% of brands for customer service two years in a row.

    State of the Art Foundations

    Solid platform of high-density concrete reinforced by steel that is built to last.

    Premium Brands Come Standard

    Research has shown that these brand name products are the most preferred among homeowners nationwide.


    The world leader in creating and sustaining safe, comfortable and energy efficient environments.

    11 Quality Inspections

    A total of 11 quality inspections take place throughout the construction process to ensure the highest level of quality goes into your new home and your ultimate satisfaction is achieved.

    Third Party Inspected & Certified

    SheaXero homes are inspected and certified by an independent third party.


    Fresh Air Ventilation Systems

    Our Fresh Air Ventilation System works day and night to circulate air throughout your home. It draws in and cools or heats outside air to maintain air balance and temperature.

    Health-Friendly Finishing Touches

    We look at every design element as an opportunity to more fully enhance your home life and overall health.

Home features may vary by location. Check with Community Representative for details.

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