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Survey Introduction

At Trilogy, we set out to create a fun and easy online personality assessment tool that offered modern, active adults deeper insight into their personality types and how those relate to where they would like to live. The survey was a fun, interactive way to engage participants while also giving them an opportunity to learn more about themselves.

The six-section personality quiz included visuals of various living communities and settings, questions about travel and entertainment preferences, and even inquiries as to the quiz takers’ interests and causes – with a goal to dig deeper into what the 55+ active adult population truly desire in their lives at a time where they may be searching to gain new experiences.

The results of the survey have been very insighful and provide both the quiz takers as well as our Trilogy team a deeper understanding and appreciation for active adults and will hopefully lead to our better serving the needs of this market.

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Scope of Research

The six-section personality assessment tool was developed by Trilogy to help individuals tap in to their inner selves. As a leading homebuilder and community developer with over 20 years of research and interaction with boomers, we’ve identified several personality types and characteristics, from explorer to connoisseur and others, that influence where people want to retire and ‘how’ and ‘what’ they want to do in their next adventure in life. 




The objective of the survey by Trilogy was to provide a non-commercial way to truly gain even greater insight into this market. The target market outreach was an integrated strategy including online advertising campaigns on active adult and boomer websites and blogs, Facebook advertising to target age groups, LinkedIn advertising and an extensive PR outreach to real estate, boomer and lifestyle bloggers.  This, combined with consistent and comprehensive social media interaction, guaranteed that the appropriate target market would engage with the quiz.

To date, over 20,000 individuals have responded to the survey marketing campaign.  Extremely interesting and insightful data on the boomer generation overall has been gleaned from the quiz.

Survey Results

Busting myths about senior lifestyles, today’s baby boomers are full of life and say retirement is a time to reinvent and discover themselves, according to findings from a survey conducted by Trilogy by Shea Homes. Data collected from Trilogy’s survey indicates that today, boomers are not only focused on connecting with others and staying near loved ones, but also on making a difference.

The survey collected interesting findings on several facets of boomer retirement:

The majority of boomers say retirement is not an end phase, but rather, a new and exciting chapter of life.51.37% say it’s a time for re-invention and self-discovery, followed by different than it used to be(15.14%),playtime(8.12%), over-rated(5.77%), an opportunity to give-back (5.77%), over-due(5.38%), obsolete(4.32%), a chance to work from home(3.08%).

Boomers are out to make a difference. 23.93% say their church, synagogue or place of worship is their favorite cause, followed closely by environmental and animal causes with 23.59%.

When asked what they collect, they weren’t thinking of trinkets. 53.58% say it’s family memories, followed by recipes (38.68%), Facebook friends (37.39%) and pictures of their grandkids (33.73%).

Boomers look forward to traveling (58.82%), having a balanced lifestyle (50.89%), being more active (46.18%), and having more “me” time (45.94%) in retirement - in that order. Pursuing new interests and hobbies (42.82%), living near people with similar interests (35.94%), having lots of activities to choose from(35.08%), spending less time spent in rush hour(27.34%) ranked next.

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a mind-body balance, engaging in healthy relationships and continually learning were ranked most important.


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